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best wine aerator and decanter
Jane Lock
Sommelier Professional | date March 3, 2019

The best wine aerators 2019

Nothing is better than sipping on a nice glass of wine especially after a long day of
work. What makes this even better is having wine accessories, like a best wine aerator, to make the wine more refined in flavor.

For those who don’t know, a wine aerator is the exposing wine process to air it out. Aeration is very much needed to air and to mellow out the bold acidity found in wines. It assists in broadening the character of younger wines as well as to soften the acidity typically found in them. When it comes to a mature bottle of wine, aerating assists in coaxing out the often hidden, complex tastes. The bottom line is that some bottles need to breathe before serving the drinks to obtain the ultimate flavor. Cabernets and Red Zinfandels are some bolder varieties that need this.

Many who are not wine connoisseurs may have noticed at one time or another many people letting their wine go through a ritual of sitting and waiting in a container before the drink is served. This process can take up to 45 minutes before serving the drink. Sometimes, wine lovers will pour the drink in their wine glass and swirl it around for air to flow. During these rituals could be frustrating to the wine lover sometimes thus taking away some of their pleasure in drinking that favorite glass of wine. And in some cases, this frustrating, swirling motion is counterproductive in trying to mellow out the stress that mounted up throughout the day.

There are a few reasons why some need a best wine aerator. As previously mentioned, a wine
aerator makes wine tastes better. This aspect is true for expensive and cheap wine. When using this device, there will be a significant difference in smell and taste. Secondly, a person who always swirls his/her wine in a wine glass needs a wine aerator to use at least some of the time. With this tool, it is not required to do the frustrating and constant swirling of your wine in a glass, as previously mentioned. The wine is quickly aerated with this tool which is very convenient for wine connoisseurs.

  • Makes robust and perfectly fine wine
  • Easy-to-use, clean, and store
  • It is super convenient
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean
  • Fun to use
  • Very affordable
  • Excellent packaging
  • It's very user-friendly
  • Made of durable quality (Engineered ABS)

Investing In a Wine Aerator

In addition to experiencing better flavor and aroma, wine drinkers need a wine aerator for other reasons. For one, the exposing of air triggers evaporation and oxidation. Unwanted compounds, such as sulfites, evaporate from wine when using this tool. More concentrated and dense wines will benefit when aerating as well as other types of wine. Also, this airing process can last much longer for more concentrated and dense wines before fading begins.

With tons of wine aerators available in the market, there are only a handful of these devices that are considered the creme of the crop. In choosing the best wine aerator in the market, these products must excel (in some cases just meet) the following criteria.

best wine aerator dispenser
best wine aerator gift


— these devices are made with glass, steel, or acrylic plastic. These materials are safe so there will be no contamination of your wine, and there will be no harmful components added. The material determines the durability of these aerators with steel being more durable, acrylic plastic being less prone to breaking, and glass being more fragile than other materials.

best wine aerator and decanter


— some brands may offer a lifetime guarantee, a one-year guarantee, or a 30-day refund period. Good customer service and a good warranty go a long way when it comes to choosing the right product.

best wine aerator and pourer


— aerators as a whole are not bulky; however, some of them are more compact while others are somewhat bigger. The size is important when it comes to the convenience in connecting it to drink bottles, when it comes to portability, when you have limited storage space, and more. Many of the best aerators can fit on any bottle and even many decanters.


— the design must include various, useful features, including it being easy to use, it having an ergonomic design, and it being stylish. With these features, you will fully enjoy your drinks simultaneously with impressing and entertaining your family and friends.

best wine aerator brands


— these tools don’t have to be expensive to be the best. Most of these aerators cost around $15 to $100. As a matter of fact, the best ones in the market cost between $45 to $90.

Having a top-notch wine aerator is the way to go for wine lovers. White and red wines benefit from this device. And for even more convenience and pleasure, these wine aerators usually come with a serving spout. The devices may also come with a corkscrew, a decanter, or a combination of useful additions. Additionally, many of these aerators work well with other beverages, such as whiskey, scotch, and beer.


Now without further ado, the following are the best wine aerators in the market:

The five best wine aerators

 Aervana Original Electric Wine Aerator
Luxury Wine Aerator
Ivation Electric Wine Aerator

best rated wine aerator
NutriChef Electric Wine Aerator
best affordable wine aerator
X. MIAO Electric Wine Aerator

best wine aerator and pourer
WAERATOR Electric Wine Aerator

best affordable wine aerator
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Easy to assemble
Material quality4.
Gift box+
Reach down into a magnumnonononono

Aervana Original Electric Wine Aerator: best rated wine aerator

Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

For less than $100, you can get the cream of the crop, like with the Aervana Original

Electric Wine Aerator. This product is the original, luxury, one-touch wine aerator. This product aerates and dispenses wine while under pressure for more effective aeration by just pushing a button. From this, you will instantly gain aeration so you can freely enjoy your wine of any quality in any environment.


Aervana also has outstanding craftsmanship. It allows your wine to open-up thus demonstrating the craftsmanship. It comes with a rosewood-handled, branded waiter’s corkscrew. All you have to do with this product is to slip it over the bottle’s neck and press the button on the top of the product. It is also designed to ensure sediment remains at the bottom of the bottle. This device is easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and works fast as well. You won’t have to worry about making any spills with this device, and you don’t have to wait, lift, or aim it to enjoy your favorite wine. The final result will be like decanting the wine for an hour. And lastly, the Aervana comes with six AAA batteries, two tubes, and a user’s manual.

This product won the Winner of the Red Dot Best of the Best 2014, the Asian Catering Equipment Award 2015, and the IHA Innovation Award Finalist in 2015.
  • Makes robust and perfectly fine wine
  • Easy-to-use, clean, and store
  • It is super convenient
  • It’s sometimes not durable
  • It’s a bit chunky size
  • The stem tube attachment is poor in design

Ivation Electric Wine Aerator: best affordable wine aerator

Battery Operated - Decanter for Red and White Wine
With the Ivation Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser, you can fit it on every wine bottle. It uses air diffusion automatically in the wine once it goes through the connection. This device is also universally compatible due to it having an extendable straw that is both soft and hard. This straw can reach the bottom part of the wine bottle thus allowing you to drink every drop. The Ivation also comes with a luxury carrying case made of stylish soft fabric. This accessory provides protection for the high-class, brushed metal finish. Additionally, this device is easy-to-use and won't cause spills. All you have to do is to simply push a button, and the no-tilting dispensing prevents possible spills.

More details about Ivation are as follows:


  • The auto aerating and serving feature comes from the smart aerator electric pump that can sit on any bottle to automatically diffuse air in the wine as it goes through the connection.
  • You’ll get a perfect pour each time; thus, keeping a full glass and a spotless table.
  • By simply pushing the button, fruity, bright flavors of wine are highlighted as a perfect glass of wine. The air infusion brings out fruity subtleties.
  • The aerator easily slips on any bottle due to its adaptable technology.
  • It has a sleek design along with black accents and a brushed metal finish for an attractive tabletop design.
  • The airtight seal makes this product also good as a wine stopper. You can store an incomplete bottle for later. With its sleek design, you will impress your family and friends while having the no-tipping dispensing capability thus leaving no spills to clean. You just have to pay atteniton on what really counts- spending quality time with your loved ones.


  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean
  • Fun to use
  • Very affordable
  • The top isn’t so easy to install
  • Installing batteries are somewhat difficult

NutriChef Electric Wine Aerator: Best gift

With the Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Pump, you will get a luxury carrying case made of stylish soft fabric that provides protection for the high-class, brushed metal finish. It is also a decanter breathing system that is entirely portable. Additionally, this device is easy-to-use, easily attaches and detaches, and won't cause spills. All you have to do is to simply push a button, and the no-tilting dispensing will eliminate possible spills.

This Aerator Dispenser Pump also uses air diffusion automatically in the wine once it passes through the connection. This device is also universally compatible due to it

having an extendable straw that is both soft and hard. With only pressing and holding the button at the dispenser’s top area, the spout activates the pump motor machine.


The construction material of this electric wine aerator consists of engineered ABS. This device requires six AAA batteries in which are not included with this device. Additionally, the manufacturers are so confident that they offer a one-year guarantee and a 30-day, no hassle, refund.


Other details about this product are as follows:


  • Keeps fresher wine for longer periods of time
  • Automatic and portable wine dispenser
  • Has a universal fit that attaches to all types of wine bottles.
  • The maintaining of aeration is due to its airtight bottle fit design.
  • Has a design that is conveniently battery-operated
  • Includes one or more aerator dispenser pumps.
  • Excellent packaging
  • It’s very user-friendly
  • Made of durable quality (Engineered ABS)
  • It’s easy-to-use and clean
  • Cons
    • Difficulty in putting it together
    • It takes more batteries than others that are not included
    • Some customers had to throw away a portion of their wine due to not being able to finish it in time

    X. MIAO Electric Wine Aerator

    best wine aerator and pourer

    There is a lot more to offer with this aerator as well. With all that this device offers, it’s no wonder why it is considered the best for waiters and a wine and spirit novice and enthusiast. It is great for white and red wines.


    One wonderful feature includes it being an aerator and a decanter. Secondly, it comes with a spout pourer and a gift box. It also allows six times more oxidation than other funnels which create smoother, flavorful, and full-bodied alcoholic drinks. Other features are as follows: It's made with an airtight rubber seal, easy to use and maintain, and made of a unique no-noise design. It also is perfect for beer, wine, and whiskey. With the airtight rubber seal, air won't seep into the bottle which allows wine to keep its freshness for longer periods of time. With it being easy to clean and use, there is no need to worry about aiming, lifting, dripping, or waiting. And lastly, with this product's unique and top-notch design, the wine sediment is taken away without making any noise.
    • Fits on every type of wine bottle
    • It is easy to install batteries
    • It’s easy-to-use and clean
    • The make is somewhat flimsy
    • This product has a very short warranty

    WAERATOR Electric Wine Aerator

    best affordable wine aerator

    The WAERATOR W2 is last but not least. It is a luxurious one-button, electric wine aerator with a spout that works instantly for wine bottles. This device possesses tons of features as well. One feature includes the easy, one-touch aeration. You can get six times the amount of oxidation and luxurious flavor with just one press of the button. You also can use this item for all your favorite drinks, including beers, scotch, whiskey, white wines, and red wines. Additionally, there is no wasting of wine and no stains and spills when using this aerator. Other features include it being easy to maintain, it can fit all types and sizes of bottles, and it comes with an airtight rubber seal to keep longer-lasting, flavorful wine. You also can select IPAs to enjoy refined aromas and rich taste.


    More details of this aerator are as follows: When it comes to simple maintenance, all you must do is draw clean water through this product for effortless and quick maintenance. It takes four AAA batteries which will provide aeration for up to 250 bottles. Also, this item quickly transforms flavor due to its capability to pump at a rate of 60.9 to 67.6 ounces per minute. The airing effect instantly softens natural tannins, a substance that makes drinks have a bitter taste. With this aspect, you will gain the true tasteful qualities of every beverage.

    The following includes more details about this item:


    • Its easy, one-button aeration only needs one press of the button to create six times of surface area oxidation for a luxurious, flavorful taste.
    • It makes no stains or spills, and it delivers aerated drinks at a rate of 1.2 oz per two seconds.
    • The decanters airtight rubber seal locks out air to preserve your favorite drinks longer.


    • Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean
    • There are no spills
    • It contains six times the amount of oxidation for luxurious flavor
    • Possesses a restricted flow of liquids, like fast drops instead of it having a stream
    • It’s not durable
    • The return process is long

    Tips to make wine taste better

    To ensure you fully enjoy a nice glass of wine, a high-quality wine aerator is a sure way to go. Your wine will be more refined in flavor and aroma using these types of

    devices. And nothing is better than sipping on a perfect glass of wine especially after a long day of work which you get when using top-notch, electric aerators.


    The best aerators in the market include the Aervana’s Original One-Touch, Ivation

    Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser, the Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser by NutriChef, the Electric Wine Aerator Decanter Pump Dispenser & Waiters Corkscrew, and the WAERATOR W2. There are advantage and disadvantages to all these products. The advantages consist of them being easy-to-use, making no spills, great oxidation, and more. On the other hand, the disadvantages range from not being durable to encountering a possible waste in wine. Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons with these aerators.


    Wine aerators are perfect for entertaining, especially when you open several bottles to match with personal tastes or different foods. It’s also the perfect answer for those that have been vacuumed and resealed. You don’t have to worry about your glasses, either. Most are also lightweight and the exterior fins will allow the aerator to sit securely on top of a variety of decanters and glasses.


    Where to Find Wine Aerators

    There are a number of places to find a generic aerator, but you really want to make sure you purchase a top notch one. Otherwise, you won’t get the total benefits that lead to a fantastic glass of your favorite drink!


    A Few Final Thoughts

    More than one bottle has not tasted as good as it could due to not enough aeration. Don’t let this happen to you. Get your hands on a couple of wine aerators to ensure that every single glass is fantastic!

    One of the best things you can do to ensure a fantastic glass of wine is to purchase one of the many types of wine aerators. With each use, the aerators for wine will allow the true characteristics to shine through!


    Having a top-notch wine aerator is the way to go for wine lovers. White and red wines

    benefit from this device. And for even more convenience and pleasure, makers of these wine aerators are constantly working on the design and technology, such as working on the serving spout, to ensure wine lover all over an delve into the fullest possibility of enjoying their favorite alcohol beverage.


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